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“Living in Copenhagen means I can go on spontaneous trips to Rosenborg Castle, immersing myself in history, and enjoying a summer evening with my spouse”
Mikkel, previous home seeker. Mikkel previously sought a 2-bedroom apartment and now resides on Holger Danskes Vej with his partner.
“I enjoy peaceful weekend mornings at Frederiksberg Gardens, so we're looking for a nearby apartment”
Daniel, current tenant. Daniel is looking for a 4-bedroom apartment for his family, preferably in the area around Vester Søgade in the Inner City.
“Cycling around the city feels like a pleasure with Copenhagen's well-developed bike paths - a super easy way to commute to and from work”
Helle, landlord. Helle is enjoying the city and will return to Copenhagen after time spent abroad, rents out a 4-bedroom apartment on Slagelsegade.

Good homes in Copenhagen

Copenhagen, home to charming cobbled streets and historic architecture, constantly attracts both locals and foreigners to its vibrant lifestyle. Its competitive rental market is testament to its demand. Seize the opportunity to make this beautiful city your home. Peruse our guide for useful insights, including:

— The rental process from A to Z.
— What's the total cost of living in a rental apartment in Copenhagen?
— The types of quality apartments for rent in Copenhagen.

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Energetic, cultural, and remarkably vibrant

Copenhagen boasts an abundance of eateries and cafés, creating a pulsating and attractive urban environment. The city's extensive network of bike paths often makes cycling the fastest mode of transportation.

“When I rented out my apartment in Nørrebro, it was wonderful to see a young family find their new home close to the cozy cafés on Jagtvej.”
Malene rents out a spacious 3-bedroom apartment with a generous kitchen-dining area near Nørrebrogade by Assistens Cemetery.

restaurants and cafes contribute to a vibrant and alluring urban environment throughout the city.

375 km

of bike paths ensure that two-wheeled travel often offers the quickest mode of transportation in the city.


of the city's inhabitants are aged between 20 and 39 years, fostering a lively environment brimming with activities.


of the city's inhabitants are aged between 20 and 39 years, fostering a lively environment brimming with activities.


Rent a good apartment in Copenhagen

Introduction: Why many choose to rent an apartment in Copenhagen

Dear Prospective Tenant,

Welcome to the splendid city of Copenhagen! Living here indeed feels like a privilege. Perhaps that's why you're reading this. You understand that Copenhagen holds an abundance of offerings and you're seeking some of the city’s finest rental apartments, aren't you?


We pride ourselves on being experts in Copenhagen. To put it simply, we only do what we love: leasing Copenhagen's bright, pleasant, and stunning rental properties to responsible and discerning tenants like you.

Tenants who appreciate living in a well-maintained rental home located in stunning city sectors. Tenants who take pride in caring for the apartment and engaging in neighborhood communities. Tennants who simply cherish residing in these exceptional rental homes.

That's precisely why we've created this guide for you. It's expected you may have several questions; many are highly relevant. We sincerely hope you find this guide valuable and can't wait to help you secure your ideal rental apartment in marvellous Copenhagen.

Get notified about Copenhagen's best available apartments before anyone else. Easy setup, handpicked rentals, 100% free for tenants, exclusive access to landlords through us.

Where should you settle in Copenhagen? Exploring the best neighborhoods

Let's commence our journey exploring the diverse and delightful districts that Copenhagen offers. The principal question is: where should you reside? What suits best for you, your family, partner, or friend? Where can you afford to dwell? There are myriad relevant questions to consider, so let's dive in.

Copenhagen carefully balances bustling city life and serene nature. Cycling around and soaking in the many verdant areas is an easy feat. From the lively city life in Indre By (the City Centre) to the tranquil zones of Frederiksberg Gardens and Amager Fælled, Copenhagen caters to a variety of tastes.

You can embark on a bike tour along the harbor or unwind in one of the city's many parks. With efficient public transport options, you can easily navigate the city without worrying about parking. The city brims with museums, theaters, galleries, and concert venues, ready for your exploration.

But before we delve deeper, let's gain a quick overview of the individual districts. Consider this your preamble to choosing the perfect place to call your Copenhagen home.


Amager offers a unique blend of vibrant city life coexisting harmoniously with nature. It boasts a beautiful beach within the Amager Strandpark, where you can swim, surf, or simply enjoy a leisurely picnic. Turn your gaze, and you are treated to an impressive view of Copenhagen's skyline. Amager Fælled offers the city's largest park, tempting you with winding trails, scenic little lakes, and broad fields for contemplative hours.

Read more about Amager (in Danish) ➝


Christianshavn feels like a walkable painting that reflects Copenhagen's heritage. Canal-laced streets are lined with well-preserved copper-green towers, halftimbered houses, and cozy cobblestoned lanes. Christianshavn houses the self-proclaimed autonomous city, Freetown Christiania, renowned for its creative spirit and bohemian vibe.

Read more about Christianshavn (in Danish) ➝


Frederiksberg embodies elegance and sophistication in Copenhagen. Here you will experience high-end shopping streets, classy restaurants, and cozy cafés. The district boasts beautiful landscaped parks such as the Frederiksberg Garden and Søndermarken, not to mention a royal castle. Frederiksberg is certainly a neighborhood with an air of charm and class.

Read more about Frederiksberg (in Danish) ➝

Indre By

Indre By is the pulsing heart of Copenhagen, home to remarkable landmarks like Tivoli, City Hall Square, and Round Tower. This district exudes historic architectural charm, offers shopping galore on Strøget, and promises a vibrant nightlife.

Read more about Indre By (in Danish) ➝

Islands Brygge

Islands Brygge is a pure oasis along the waterfront, featuring an open-air swimming pool, large grassy areas for grilling and picnicking, and unique waterfront views. Known for its relaxed vibe, it's a popular hangout spot on warm summer days.

Read more about Islands Brygge (in Danish) ➝


As Copenhagen's newest district, Nordhavn illustrates innovative, sustainable urban development at its finest. It perfectly blends the raw aesthetic of the harbor industry with modern living and commerce, making it the place to explore the city life of the future.

Read more about Nordhavn (in Danish) ➝


Nordvest, a district under transformation, is a melting pot of the old and the new. You'll find a lively mix of cultures, creativity, local entrepreneurial shops, and charming architecture featuring red brick factories. The district maintains its authentic character while undergoing an exciting gentrification.

Read more about Nordvest (in Danish) ➝


Nørrebro is a multicultural, vibrant area teeming with a unique cultural blend. From hip bars and restaurants, vintage shops to a thriving artist community, you'll never run out of places to explore. Take a breather from city life at Assistens Cemetery, a popular local green space.

Read more about Nørrebro (in Danish) ➝


Aiming for the stars, Ørestad is Copenhagen's ambitious, futuristic district, known for its innovative architecture like Bella Sky Hotel and DR Concert Hall. Integrating housing, business, education, and recreation all in one place, the district is especially attractive due to its efficient metro connection to the city center and the airport.

Read more about Ørestad (in Danish) ➝


Østerbro ranks among the most attractive and family-friendly districts in Copenhagen. Known for its spacious boulevards, green parks, and grand buildings, it also houses The Little Mermaid, one of the city's most iconic landmarks.

Read more about Østerbro (in Danish) ➝


Sydhavn is a rapidly developing district that combines modern Copenhagen with the charming past of the industry. The residents pride themselves on a strong local identity, with an engaged local community and many green spaces—a cozy slice of city within the city.

Read more about Sydhavn (in Danish) ➝


Valby is a cozy and relaxed district with a family-friendly atmosphere. It offers beautiful parks, cultural institutions, creative industries, and film studios, ensuring an unspoiled, local feel.

Read more about Valby (in Danish) ➝


Vesterbro possesses a raw, trendy charm. It's one of Copenhagen's most fashionable neighborhoods, burgeoning with cool cafés, bars, and designer stores. Beneath the hip surface lies a local milieu with a strong sense of community, making it the rendezvous for creative minds.

Read more about Vesterbro (in Danish) ➝

Our Copenhagen highlights

Picking favorites from a city as rich in experiences as Copenhagen feels nearly impossible. Even so, we've tried to distill our humble selection of five unforgettable places in our charming capital, fully aware there are many more treasures yet to be discovered.

Copenhagen highlights
Our humble selection of particularly beautiful places in Copenhagen

1. Tivoli: A magical world at the city's heart

Tivoli is more than an amusement park—it's a symbol of Copenhagen's spirit. With its blend of vintage rides, live music, and adventuresome ambiance, Tivoli embarks you on a journey back in time.

Tip: Visit in the evening to experience the park bathed in a sea of colorful lights.

2. Nyhavn: A picturesque harbor front

Nyhavn, with its colorful buildings and historic ships, is like stepping into a postcard. It's the perfect spot for fresh seafood lunch or a relaxing canal tour.

Tip: Claim a table at one of the outdoor serving areas and immerse yourself in the atmosphere.

3. Kastellet: History and nature in perfect harmony

Kastellet is a unique fortress that combines military history with beautiful park surroundings. Wander around the trails, explore the old ramparts, and enjoy the open sky in the middle of the city.

Tip: Visit Kastellet Church (or the nearby English Church) and experience its exceptional interiors.

4. National Gallery of Denmark (Statens Museum for Kunst): A treasure trove of art

The museum houses an impressive collection of artworks spanning different time periods. Here, you can admire everything from classical masterpieces to modern art.

Tip: Take the time to explore the museum's comprehensive collections of Danish and international art.

5. Kongens Nytorv: Majestic pride in an oval square

As a historic hub, Kongens Nytorv is a fantastic starting point for your city walk. Surrounded by beautiful buildings and cafés, it's an ideal springboard for exploring central Copenhagen.

Tip: Find a bench and observe the vibrant city life around you.

While our list comprises just five wonderful spots, it's merely a preview of what Copenhagen offers. The city is brimming with hidden jewels waiting to be discovered. You likely have your own list in the making and maybe know quite a few more splendid places in the city.

We encourage you to treasure them, even as everyday life rushes on. Living near places that masses of people travel thousands of kilometers to experience is indeed a gift.

The rental market for apartments in Copenhagen

In Copenhagen, the range of rental apartments on offer is as varied as the city itself. Whether you dream of living in a minimalist penthouse in the new Nordhavn or prefer a cozy apartment nestled within the charming cobblestone streets of the inner city, Copenhagen has something for every taste and budget.

Part of what draws people to Copenhagen is its unique architecture. The city's rental market offers everything from colorful facades and rooftop terraces with city views to quirky historical buildings. Each apartment is distinctly characterized by its individuality, creating a unique atmosphere for its residents.

Many of these apartments aren't merely purpose-built rentals but have been thoughtfully curated by landlords to be beautiful, personalized homes, making the rental experience extraordinary.

Tips to Copenhagen

Inside a Buzzing Metropolis

Home to over 600,000 inhabitants, Copenhagen is a city bubbling with life, attracting people from all over the world. From the bustling streets of the inner city to the tranquil, verdant outskirts, there is always something to discover.

The rental market in Copenhagen is always in flux, with new apartments continually becoming available. However, finding the perfect home in this competitive city can be challenging, and that's exactly why we're here to help!

Two-Bedroom Apartments

Ideal for singles or couples in search of a compact, cozy base in the heart of the city, two-bedroom apartments in Copenhagen offer an array of amenities within easy reach. These apartments typically range from 9,000 to 13,000 kr per month—an affordable option considering the city-center location and conveniences.

Whether starting your urban adventure or seeking to downsize into a more manageable space, two-bedroom apartments have a lot to offer.

Three-Bedroom Apartments

If you need an extra room—for a home office or to accommodate guests—a three-bedroom apartment is just the ticket. Rent usually falls between 11,000 and 15,000 kr per month. This investment grants more space without sacrificing the comfort and conveniences of a centrally located apartment.

Four-Bedroom Apartments

Suitable for families or those seeking ample room to spread out, a four-bedroom apartment is an excellent choice. These spacious homes typically range from 13,000 to 18,000 kr per month. They offer the opportunity to design a comfortable, functional home, catering to all members of the family.

Five-Bedroom or Larger Apartments

For those seeking maximum space and luxury, a five-bedroom apartment could be the ultimate housing solution. Prices may vary depending on location and amenities, but typically start from around 17,000 kr per month. This substantial investment not only provides you with plenty of room, but also lets you unleash your creativity when personalizing your space.

What Affects the Price?

Monthly rent can vary significantly due to multiple factors, such as the quality of materials and amenities offered, the exact location of the apartment in Copenhagen, and its general condition. For example, an apartment styled in chic, modern New York aesthetics—combining luxury, light, and comfort—elevates the rental price due to its exceptional quality and design.

It's essential to bear these factors in mind when searching for the perfect Copenhagen apartment, as they will play a crucial role in your housing search and budget planning.

The rental process from A to Z: From search to move-In

The process of renting can be both exhilarating and overwhelming. But when you're seeking a beautiful rental apartment in Copenhagen, you're in safe hands with us. We guide you each step of the way, ensuring your comfort and confidence as we carefully select top-notch rental apartments in Copenhagen. We aim to guarantee quality, ensure your peace of mind, and provide clarity in a potentially perplexing market.

See the apartment

The first step in the rental process is locating an apartment that meets your expectations. We extend an invitation to our open house events, where you can view potential homes alongside other prospective renters. This occasion presents a fantastic opportunity to experience how the apartment feels to determine if it's the right fit for you.

Trust your gut

As you explore the apartment, heed your gut instincts. Is this the right Copenhagen home for you? Can you see yourself happily living here? Are the location and amenities aligning with your aspirations? Be sure to listen to your heart and confirm that it feels right.

Sign the tenancy agreement and transfer the deposit

When you're ready to make the commitment, we will send you the rental contract. Please read it thoroughly and sign once you're satisfied. To secure your reservation, we request that you transfer the deposit to us. Our goal is to make the entire process as smooth as possible for you.

Settle on a move-in date and collect your keys

Once all formalities are handled, we collaborate with the landlord to agree on a move-in date. Then, it's time to meet up for the move-in. Look forward to receiving the keys to your new home in Copenhagen. It's an exciting and joyous occasion that we're eager to celebrate with you.

We're here for you every step of the way

We're committed to ensuring your rental process is as seamless and pleasant as possible. We're here to confidently guide you through the process, from the moment you find the apartment until you hold the keys in your hand. Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or if you need assistance. We're here for you!

Which kind of apartment suits you best?

Are you looking for style, size, location, or unique details?

In general, our advice is to choose three primary desires when searching for a rental opportunity in Copenhagen, be it for you or your family. Preferably in a prioritized order. You will indeed face reality and have to make a rapid decision when the right opportunity arises. Which requirements are absolutely essential (need-to-have) and which are desires (nice-to-have)?

Method to clarify your genuine requirements for the apartment

Use counterfactual questions as aid! Our tip is in fact to use a questioning technique that can help you to investigate what truly matters most to you. The idea is to flip your wish around and phrase it as an opposing question.

Example 1:
  • Your requirement: "The apartment must be within 200 meters from a metro station."
  • Your counterfactual question (test): "So if the apartment is more than 200 meters from a metro station, will I reject it 100%?"
  • Conclusion: "No, there would just need to be something else about the apartment that compensates for this."
  • Decision: "Being 200 meters from a metro station is a bonus, but not a requirement."

Can you follow the idea?

Example 2:
  • Your requirement: "The apartment needs to have an elevator."
  • Your counterfactual question (test): "So if the apartment doesn't have an elevator, will I 100% reject this apartment?"
  • Conclusion: "Yes, because my spouse would need this feature to fully enjoy living here every day. I know this!"
  • Decision: "Alright. Then an elevator is the first requirement that I will look for in my search."

The style and atmosphere of Copenhagen

The Old Town

Here you find the charm and history emanating from every corner. The antique buildings and cobblestone streets offer an authentic feel of Copenhagen's rich past. If you are enchanted by living in the city's heart, having everything within your grasp, this could be your cup of tea.

This aura is palpable in the apartments, which typically bear signs of a 'long life' as a backdrop for generations before you. Ancient stucco, intriguing backstairs, and vintage power outlets are among the unique details you might discover.

Guide til Copenhagen

The ultra-modern Nordhavn

If you lean towards the more futuristic and modern, Nordhavn is the perfect place to search for an apartment. Here you'll find the most innovative, chic architectural modern homes. With an impressive view over the water and an energy that's vibrant, Nordhavn is ideal for those who want a minimalist setting with emphasis on quality, tranquility, and sunlight.

The lovely Christianshavn

A gem, where canals and colorful houses create an idyllic and charming environment. Here, you find peace and tranquility in the pulsating heart of the metropolis. Take a stroll along the canals, relish the cozy cafes and restaurants. For the romantic souls who love bohemian style common in various rental apartments here, Christianshavn is the place.

Maybe you should try something new?

Ever thought about living a little differently than before? Consider it - an apartment can be terminated without risk. So, why not be a trifle more flexible? Allow yourself to experiment with sizes and styles. Try something new and exciting! Who knows, you might realize what you've been missing only after experiencing it.

Copenhagen vs. suburbs: Why do tenants opt to stay in the city?

Have you made up your mind to live in Copenhagen, or are you considering moving to a suburban area? Let's explore the differences and similarities between living in vibrant Copenhagen and a perhaps slightly calmer suburb.

Life in Copenhagen pulses with vitality

In Copenhagen, you'll experience a lively atmosphere that never sleeps. The streets are brimming with energy, with always something to do. Cafes, restaurants, cultural events, shopping opportunities - you find them all at your doorstep. The city hums with life, meeting new people and finding exciting experiences comes easy.

The advantages of living in Copenhagen are plentiful. Everything is conveniently close by, and transportation is seamless. From public transport to bicycle-friendly paths, navigating the city is effortless. Additionally, the city offers a wealth of job opportunities, educational institutions, and cultural offerings that make living in Copenhagen desirable.

However, life in Copenhagen presents some drawbacks as well. The competition for the best accommodation is stiff, and apartment prices are often higher. The city's bustle can sometimes be a bit wearing, and noise and crowding can be sensory challenges. Finding peace amidst the frenetic pace can be slightly more difficult.

Life in the suburbs - a touch more tranquility

Choosing to reside in a suburb outside Copenhagen introduces you to a slightly different atmosphere. The tempo here is more relaxed, offering more room for tranquility and reflection. Often surrounded by nature and green areas, suburbs provide opportunities for relaxation and fresh air.

The advantages of suburban life are also manifold. Apartment prices are often a bit lower, and there's more space. You can find larger apartments or even houses with gardens at more affordable prices. Suburb communities often have a tighter sense of community where neighbors know each other and there's a feeling of security and camaraderie.

The drawbacks of living in a suburb include being further away from the throbbing city beat. If you seek the city's many offerings and activities, you may miss them. Transportation can be more troublesome, especially if dependent on public transportation. Furthermore, finding job opportunities and educational institutions close by can be more challenging.

Find your dream apartment

Whether you opt for Copenhagen or the suburbs, ensure to find the right rental apartment. Take time to explore the market and determine what suits your needs and aspirations best. No matter what you choose, there will be pros and cons. It's about finding the right balance between life's pulsating energy and the serene suburban ideal.

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Get a complete overview of your finances when moving into an apartment in Copenhagen

When moving into your new home, it's crucial to have a handle on your expenses. This practice can save you from hidden costs and significant financial stress.

Firstly, we recommend efficiently planning your finances. Begin by understanding the initial costs. When renting an apartment, you generally need to pay a security deposit and prepaid rent. The security deposit, typically between one to three months' rent, acts as a safeguard for the landlord. The prepaid rent is often the first month's rent you pay in advance. So make sure to have these funds ready when you move in.

Once you've sorted out these initial costs, it's time to tackle the monthly expenses. Of course, rent is one of the significant items on your budget. However, don't forget to include other fixed costs as utilities – water, heating, and electricity – in your financial planning. These expenses can vary depending on the size of the apartment and your personal consumption habits.

Also, think about other costs associated with your new apartment. Expenses might include internet and tv, insurance, and residential permit (parking). Incorporating these costs into your considerations can help avoid unpleasant surprises later.

Our key recommendation emphasizes having a full overview of your and your family's finances. Plan effectively and include all costs, both initial and recurring. This way, you can enjoy your new home without financial concerns.

In the next section, we'll delve slightly deeper into the costs associated with the move-in itself.

Expenses during move-in

What does it cost to move into a quality apartment in Copenhagen?

In your search for a perfect rental apartment in Copenhagen, it's vital to be aware of the assorted expenses that may arise upon moving in. Here, we list the typical costs to consider:

  • Security deposit and first month's rent: Upon securing your ideal apartment, the landlord will usually request a security deposit and the first month's rent upfront. These sums form a significant portion of your moving-in costs, so it's crucial to have this money prepared.
  • Moving: If you don't have your transportation or the means to move your belongings independently, you should budget for hiring a moving van or employing a moving company. These expenses can fluctuate, depending on the volume of items you have to relocate and the distance between your previous residence and the new one.
  • Furnishing: You might need to buy new furniture and decorative items when moving into a new apartment. This can be a substantial outlay, particularly if your new apartment is larger or differently styled than your former home.
  • Insurance: Having a content insurance policy is key when transitioning into a new apartment. The cost of such an insurance can vary, depending on the provident company and the coverage you opt for. However, it's essential to be insured to safeguard your possessions against damages or theft.
  • Service costs: Some apartments in Copenhagen have service costs covering communal areas, garbage collection fees, and the likes. These costs can differ, hence it's vital to find out what's included in the rent and if there are extra costs associated with living in the apartment.
  • Maintenance: Though the landlord is usually responsible for major repairs in the apartment, smaller repairs and maintenance might still fall under your domain. Therefore, it's a good idea to set aside some funds for these unforeseen expenses.

When seeking a rental apartment in Copenhagen, being aware of these assorted costs connected with moving in is crucial.

By preparing and budgeting for these expenses, you can avert potential financial surprises and relish your new home worry-free.

What does the rental agreement include when you rent an apartment in Copenhagen?

Navigating the rental market in the bustling city of Copenhagen can be quite complex. However, once you've found your dream apartment, knowing the contents of the lease, a legal agreement between you and the landlord, becomes paramount. This contract sets out the terms of your tenancy. Here are certain crucial things to be alert about when you rent an apartment in Copenhagen.

1. Rental period and notice period:

Check the duration of the rental period and the notice period applicable. You'd need to know how long you can stay in the apartment and how much notice you must give if you plan to move out.

2. Size of the rent and payment terms:

Be aware of the monthly rent and any addons like utility charges or rent increases. Familiarize yourself with how and when the rent is to be paid, whether there's a deposit or prepaid rent, and if there're rules for rent hikes.

3. Maintenance and repairs:

The lease should clearly specify who's responsible for maintenance and repairs in the apartment. Are you responsible for minor repairs, or is it the landlord's duty?

4. Pets and smoking:

If you're a pet owner or a smoker, do confirm whether these are allowed in the apartment. Some landlords do not permit pets or smoking, so understanding any restrictions in advance is essential.

5. Residential condition and furnishings:

Do pore over the contract thoroughly to ensure the condition and the furnishings of the apartment are correctly described. If there are any defects or damages, these should reflect in the contract, safeguarding you from being held accountable for them later.

What if you're unsure about parts of the contract?

Should you have doubts about sections of the contract, don't hesitate to seek professional advice. A lawyer or housing organization can assist you in understanding and interpreting the contract correctly. When you're hunting for a rental apartment in Copenhagen, staying alert about the contents of the rental agreement is crucial. Be informed about your rights and don't hesitate to seek help when in doubt. In doing so, you can ascertain a successful leasing agreement and fend off any unpleasant surprises along the way.

Residential obligation and other important legal aspects

All of our apartments in Copenhagen are subject to a residency requirement. So, what exactly is a residency requirement? It is a rule that states that when renting an apartment in Copenhagen, you must live there! This means you cannot rent out an apartment and use it as a vacation home or investment property. The residency requirement demands that the apartment becomes your primary residence (and thus, your address).

You might be thinking, who cares where I live as long as I pay my rent, right? However, breaching the residency requirement has consequences if not followed. If it is discovered that you do not permanently live in the apartment, you may be evicted or even fined. This makes it vital to take this rule seriously.

So, what does it mean for those seeking to rent in Copenhagen? It signifies that you must be certain you will live in the apartment as your primary residence. If you are only looking for a temporary solution or planning to use the apartment as a weekend getaway from the city, it is best to explore alternative options.

A cycle tour through Copenhagen

Taking a bike ride through Copenhagen is a wonderful experience (and a clever little trick) when searching for an apartment to rent in this beautiful city. You may not yet be familiar with all your options. Let us guide you through some of the most amazing and unique areas and locations in Copenhagen. The focus isn't so much on our stops but rather the journeys between spots and the impressions you gather along the way.

We begin our bike ride from the bustling heart of the city, the City Hall Square. Here, you can feel the city's energy as you pedal through The Inner City's cobblestone streets, admiring the impressive architecture and historical landmarks that Copenhagen is known for.

Our next stop is Christianshavn, a charming neighborhood with canals and colorful houses. Experience the relaxed atmosphere and enjoy a fantastic view of Copenhagen's skyline from the Church of Our Saviour. Cycling through this part of the city is truly a unique experience.

After Christianshavn, we continue our journey towards the hip and creative Nørrebro. This area features a mix of cultural institutions, trendy cafés, and exciting shops. The lively and diverse neighborhood invites you to take a break at one of the cozy cafés to enjoy a cup of coffee while people-watching.

Our bike ride concludes in the idyllic district of Østerbro. You can experience charming tree-lined streets, green parks, and a relaxed atmosphere. It is the perfect place to unwind after a long bike ride and appreciate nature.

A bike ride like this is a delightful experience when living in a rental property in Copenhagen. It allows you to explore the city in a different way while experiencing its various facets. Simultaneously, you get exercise and fresh air while taking in the fantastic areas Copenhagen has to offer.

So, hop on your bicycle and embark on a bike ride through Copenhagen. Feel the vibe of the city's diverse areas. You might be surprised at what you discover on the journey and may extend or change your search process.

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Rental housing statistics: Number of rental spaces in Copenhagen

Just how many rental spaces are there in Copenhagen? Let's start by examining some selected districts and the availability of rental properties there.

In the heart of the city, Indre By, there are 13,091 rental properties, presenting you with various options to find your dream home amidst the city's hustle and bustle. Closely following is Østerbro, housing 13,746 rental properties and an ideal neighborhood if you prefer a calmer ambiance. Nørrebro offers a more contemporary lifestyle, offering many options with 10,823 rental properties. Vesterbro/Kongens Enghave is not too far behind, providing 12,833 rental properties. Valby, Nordvest, Amager, and Ørestad also offer plenty of rental choices, with 10,667, 7,865, 9,010, and a massive 14,545 rental properties, respectively.

As you can ascertain, Copenhagen boasts a wide range of rental properties, improving your chances of acquiring the perfect rental apartment. Be it the historical charm of Indre By, the family-friendly vibe of Østerbro, or the trendy allure of Nørrebro, Copenhagen has something to cater to every taste.

With the abundance of exciting properties frequently available, you stand a good chance of finding your new home in the near future.
Selected areas of CopenhagenNumber of spaces
Indre By13,091
Vesterbro/Kongens Enghave12,833

Discover the rich offerings of life in Copenhagen

When seeking an apartment for rent in Copenhagen, consider how you'll spend your leisure time and connect with family and friends. Lucky for you, the city comes brim-full of activities catering to a wide array of preferences.

Plunge into Copenhagen's verdant spaces, a beloved pastime for locals. Unwind in nature's lap within the city's numerous parks while treasuring quality moments with your loved ones. Tivoli Gardens, a charming oasis at the city's core, invites you for a leisure walk, a picnic buzz, or perhaps some thrill rides.

Great places in Copenhagen

Another proud feather in Copenhagen's cap is its cycle-friendliness. Numerous cycle paths guiding you through town make bicycling an exciting way to explore. Soak in Copenhagen's essence while cycling along the harbor, visiting numerous attractions, or merely savoring different neighborhoods.

Copenhagen's cultural life

Copenhagen's dynamic cultural scene charms not only locals but also those from the length and breadth of Denmark and beyond. Art enthusiast, music lover, or theater aficionado, you're guaranteed to find your niche. Consider a visit to the awe-inspiring galleries and museums showcasing Copenhagen's cultural bounty. Discover the exquisite collections at The Hirschsprung Collection, The David Collection, Medical Museion, The Worker's museum, and Designmuseum Denmark, perhaps a few of Copenhagen's less-visited gems.

A diverse music scene presents grand international concerts at the Royal Arena and intimate jazz sessions in local clubs. Delight in sublime concerts at venues like Loppen, Alice, H15, Bremen Teater, and Kulturhuset Islands Brygge, each offering unique concert experiences. If theatre is more your scene, enjoy everything from classic performances at the Royal Danish Theatre to experimental drama at smaller venues like Nørrebro Teater, Teater V, Edison, and Bådteatret.

Relishing time with family and friends in Copenhagen

Countless opportunities abound to enjoy time with family and friends in Copenhagen. One prominent choice involves indulging in a delectable meal at one of the city's many cafes or restaurants, as Copenhagen is famed for its vibrant food and coffee culture.

If outdoor activities appeal more, you can visit the many playgrounds or activity parks for a fun-filled day. With kids laughing and playing and adults relaxing in good weather, popular locations such as Fælledparken, Islands Brygge, and Ørstedparken come to life.

Find your dream apartment and embrace leisure activities in Copenhagen

When seeking an apartment for rent in Copenhagen, consider how to maximize your leisure time. Given the many popular activities and cozy locations on offer, Copenhagen stands out as the perfect place to live if spending quality time with family and friends matters most to you.

So explore the city parks, hop on a bike, or bask in a snug moment at one of the numerous city cafes. Regardless of your preference, ample opportunities to make fantastic memories await in beautiful Copenhagen.

Transportation in Copenhagen

When choosing Copenhagen as your home, consider the commute from your living space to your workplace. The city offers an array of options.

  1. Bike: Cycling is arguably the best way to get around the city. With a network of bike paths and rental services at every corner, you can enjoy the fresh air, quick travel times, and fluid mobility. Cycling in Copenhagen isn't just about commuting; it's a delightful way to discover the city and keep fit.
  2. Public Transport: Copenhagen boasts a mature public transport system encompassing buses, metros, and S-trains. If your workplace is a distance from your apartment or should biking feel inconvenient due to the weather, public transport is your ideal pick. Purchase tickets conveniently from station machines or via smartphone apps. Do check the timetables, as daily traffic may sometimes cause slight disruptions.
  3. Car: Renting a car opens the possibility of a personal vessel to ferry you and your belongings around the city. Even though traffic might get busy during rush hours, it can still be a suitable mode of transport. With numerous car rental companies, you'll find one to match your exact need.
  4. Walking: If your workplace is close to your apartment, walking might be the easiest and quickest way to get there. Not only is it an eco-friendly and healthy mode of transport, but it also allows you to explore the area around your home. Be sure to cross at pedestrian intersections and use paths for safe commuting.
  5. Sharing Services: Copenhagen offers an extensive array of sharing services including e-scooters, city bikes, and shared cars. Practical for occasional use or if you wish to experiment, take note of the pricing and rules for each service to find the optimal solution for you.
No matter your preferred mode of transport, be cognizant of Copenhagen's traffic. It can be hectic during peak hours, so plan your travel ahead of time and practice patience.

Family-friendly Copenhagen: Schools and leisure activities

Copenhagen offers a broad array of quality institutions and schools. Whether you're in search of a nursery, a kindergarten, or a mixed institution, the city provides an expansive selection.

Let's delve into some examples:

Småbørnshuset Solstrålen

Youngsters thrive here in this oasis of play and learning nestled in the city's heart. The establishment has a strong focus on play and learning, activating children through creative endeavors and exploration of nature. It's a place always buzzing with laughter and positivity, establishing the best conditions for your child's development.

Østerbro Skole

Located in the much-loved Østerbro district, this institution equips your child with a solid foundation for their future. It’s a school dedicated to fostering a safe, inclusive environment for all students, striving to enhance their social competencies and academic skills. Led by experienced and committed teachers, here your child can unfold their potentials and flourish.

The International School of Copenhagen

If you're exploring an alternative approach to education, consider private schools or charter schools. Some of these, like The International School of Copenhagen, offer globally-oriented education and prioritize cultural diversity and international understanding. This choice is popular among international families residing in the city, preparing their child for a globalized world.

Regardless of the type of institution you seek, Copenhagen is the perfect place to find an apt childcare choice or a school for your child.

Copenhagen is brimming with families

Copenhagen is home to numerous families, and plenty of children enliven its streets. Many households (51%) have a single child, whereas a smaller fraction homes more than three children. The distribution hints at a myriad of recreational activities for the little mischief-makers throughout the city.

Number of children in families:

  • 1 child: 51%
  • 2 children: 38%
  • 3 children: 9%
  • More than 3 children: 2%
In essence, Copenhagen is a city that embraces families and their unique requirements, promising plentiful opportunities for a fulfilling family life.

Parking in Copenhagen

Locating a parking spot in the heart of Copenhagen could be a quest in itself. The growing volume of vehicles, coupled with limited parking spaces, often turns it into a time-consuming task. This can be particularly challenging if you're scouting for parking near your city-centre apartment.

When it comes to parking in the city, it's crucial to understand the rules to avoid hefty fines. Certain zones are specifically designated for parking, while some are forbidden or solely permitted to residents holding a valid resident license. Respecting these regulations is highly important to not only avoid illegal parking but also to dodge significant penalties.

Consider a resident license

One advantage of owning a resident license is bypassing those expensive parking fees. With this piece of document, you're entitled to park in zones reserved for residents, taking off your worries when you return home. It's a convenient solution that can save you both time and money.

Alternatives to owning a car

If you're not up for the parking challenge in Copenhagen, you might want to consider alternatives to owning a vehicle. The city takes pride in its advanced cycling infrastructure. Having a good bicycle not only saves you from parking troubles and costs but also lets you navigate the city more swiftly. Furthermore, a well-structured public transport system comprising buses and metros helps you get around the city without any parking worries.

Beyond securing a resident license or opting for different transportation modes, it would be prudent to explore parking options near your apartment. Private parking spaces or garages often offer rentals. This could be an efficient solution, particularly if you're after reliable, secure parking.

Although parking in Copenhagen can generally be testing, being prepared and knowing the rules can help simplify things. Consider alternatives like a trusty bicycle or public transport, and look into getting a resident license or rent a parking space. This way, you steer clear of parking problems and focus on enjoying your Copenhagen dwelling.

To learn more about parking in Copenhagen, you might want to check out:
  1. The Municipality of Copenhagen's page on parking policies
  2. ParkMan - A useful parking app for Copenhagen
  3. Easypark - Additional app for parking in Copenhagen

The pricing for a resident license in Copenhagen

There is a lot of money to be saved by ordering a resident's license for your car.

Petrol km/lDiesel km/l2024 (yearly)
min. 20,0min. 22,51.390 kr.
18,2 - 19,920,5 - 22,42.505 kr.
15,4 - 18,117,3 - 20,42.505 kr.
0,1 - 15,30,1 - 17,25.755 kr.
Electric and hydrogen car695 kr.
Read more on Copenhagen Municipality's website (in Danish).

Apartment sizes in Copenhagen

The city of Copenhagen presents a diverse range of appealing apartments, offering thrilling options to you as a potential tenant. Here, you are likely to find unique rental homes boasting prime locations. However, swift decision-making is often necessary when the right opportunity arises, given the continentally high - and growing - demand for rental properties. On observing the distribution of apartment sizes in Copenhagen (measured in sqm), we find a very diverse offering.

Apartment sizes in Copenhagen

A wide range of properties

Copenhagen offers a broad range of attractive apartments for rent, which means engaging options are frequently available. If you're looking for a snug single-room apartment or seeking ample space in a four-room home or even larger, Copenhagen caters to a broad spectrum of housing preferences.

It’s significant to note, despite the extensive amount of rental properties available in Copenhagen, the demand remains high.

It necessitates a discerning approach to find the right apartment that caters to your needs. Simultaneously, it's important to act swiftly to avoid the ideal apartments being snapped up by other potential tenants.

The sizes of rental properties in Copenhagen:

Number of roomsNumber of rental properties
1 room17,797
2 rooms34,908
3 rooms26,661
4 rooms or more21,562


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A quick overview of the process

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